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  1. Laurie Starkey says:

    Great message. It’s refreshing to know after all this time you still feel the NEED to be concerned. He will show up, but your lack is what He makes up for. Thanks for sharing, mom. <3

  2. Lucretia Suarez says:

    Lots of food for thought as I read this. Interestingly my anxiety is not if but why. I have come to a realization in the last week that I am held back by a complete feeling of unworthiness, so its a why. Why would he? Why does he? So in reading this I decided that instead of saying, hesitantly, “Well you can come in if you want to God.” I’m gonna practice with “Come on in God, the Waters fine!” I need to learn how to confidently, yet gracefully invite, and accept his love 100%. Thank you for this message.

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