Way Back When…




Wondering what the “RevDeb version” is?  

It’s pretty simple!  Like me!  

Somewhere around 16 years ago I had a great idea for my pastor.  So in my ignorance, I went to him and told him he should start a Mid Week Devotional.  

A Devo sent out on Wednesdays, the perfect time between Sundays, to send out an encouraging word to help remember God is with you and will never leave you.

Now that I am a Pastor and sit on the other side of that desk, I know what was going through his head, something that is better left unsaid.  

He said the same thing I would say now to anyone that approached me with “a great idea!”  

He smiled, not exactly a heavenly one, and said “Sounds like something you should do!”

That was the beginning of the revdeb version.  

I use it a lot in my sermons, or speaking to a group, because if I make a mistake it is due to my little girl love for Christ.  

I want people to know it is how I feel, how I teach and how I bring others to know Christ personally.

I am grateful to an Almighty God that can use someone like me, well, at least this version of me!

Enjoy reading.


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